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GDC11 Green Light! Persuasion skills

Green light! Persuasion skills to put and keep your game in the fast lane
Dick Butterfield for soft copy plus other tips
It's showtime! Butterfield speaks on the power of persuasion - book

What is your nirvana?
A metacritic score, that you just got a pitch approved, ...
Important to keep to your own particular style

What are the skill sets that make great persuaders

The power bite - The elevator speech, very crisp, eloquent to get next meeting
Aspirational story, speak to peoples hearts and imaginations that makes them want to help you
Meeting prep, decks, paperwork
Navigating q&a, what skills to stay on message 

What makes great companies great?
Passion, twinkle in the eye - people buy people
Victor not victim, know you will be successful, know you will get the team and ship the product, think about it first, what will you do to succeed
Great detectives, find out their fear and tell them how you can overcome it, pay attention
-----Listening skills are important

The vision, how do people perceive you and the technology
Be student of your technology and industry
Be predictive, be the vision, an insight leader not just a follower
Be the person people go to

Reduce the firehouse of data to a short precise presentation
Embrace the rule of 3
-avoid laundry list persuasion, selling beyond the close
understand that they want fact based show me the money mind and their heart, speak to both
-be prepared and understand the context of the meeting, understand where and the people involved
Anticipate questions and have the answers
-have a structure to communication, like a narrative in a game or book, not necessarily a structure like a series of slides

Every time you pitch, first 30 seconds you have to capture their imagination or they will start thinking about other things or the meeting they just came from
Quickly get to promise of presentation, what will they get out of it
-you will believe x, you will see y
The roadmap, tell them how you will use their time
-I will show you how we will, I will show you...

---------Practice it--------- very important
Where do you need To go slower, how will will you do your transitions
If only short time, practice beginning and end, that's where you win and lose people

Develop your own winning style
Be an actor, use your voice and gestures and expressions to own the room and tell a story
Turn a question and answer session into a question and message session, bridge your answer into a message
Remain authentic and answer the question quickly, but work in your message
Know what your message is

power bite 
Start with conclusion, then  3 pieces of evidence, and what does it mean to them
Conclusion, evidence x 3, so what

Aspirational storytelling
Dare to paint a picture of the future
Don't make them all improvs, build a repertoire of them, write them, practice them

--Tom Ogburn

posted on Sunday, March 06, 2011 11:32 AM by TOgburn

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